Japanese trains and vehicles

1.JR(JNR) group.
Japan national railway(JNR) was divided into 6 passenger railways companies and 1 freight railway company in 1987 and privatized. The vehicles of the national railway age and the vehicles of JR each company are introduced here.

(1) Vehicles

Steam locomotive(SL) Electric car(EC) Freight car(FC)
Electric locomotive(EL) Diesel car(DC) Shinkansen(TEC)
Diesel locomotive(DL) Passenger car(PC) The number of JR vehicles 

(2) Equipment

 JR Companies and it's area

 JR Line electrification map

2.Private or municipal railrways
This is introduced to each company by vehicles of the company group which was a private or a municipal railway from the beginning.

Tobu Railway Keisei Railway Seibu railway Keio Teito Railway
Odakyu Railway Tokyu Railway Keihin Kyuko Railway Nagoya Railway
Kinki Nippon Railway Keihan Railway Nankai Railway Hankyu Railway
Hanshin Railway Subway Local private railways
area: 1.Kanto 2.Cyukyou 3.Kansai

3. Kind of Japanese train