The origin of this page

1. About the production

 Since I was little, I liked a railway, and it had taken a train by itself since nine years old, and went to the various places. Then, a behavior range spread out, too, and it took a picture of the railway of the Japanese whole country, and walked after a camera was taken in its hand when I was a junior high school student.
 After I began to take a picture like that, 25 years passed exactly at this year. Then, for that time, many trains which it liked became a scrapped car, and national railway was privatized .
 A locomotive is hardly left in this form at present by train of the form that a passenger car is pulled even of that in Japan  that I liked it specially. Supposing that many railway fans intended to leave the photograph of the train including me, it traveled in the Japanese country every time it listened to the rumor that those trains became abolition.
 A video camera is purchased, and the 15th year is reached again in 1986 at this year. Then, those photographs which became the environment that it could be introduced to the public on the Internet and which I took at present, and video were introduced to the public, and a homepage was decided to be introduced to the public with the purpose that it intended to have everyone yearn for it.

2. About this page name

 The thing named the "page of XX" is seen well in the homepage. But, there had already been many pages, and it was decided that a name such as the "page of the railroad photograph" didn't give the name which was the same as them to the name of my page from being hard to know. Then, it was a name called Rokko that I was born and it was developed that I used.
 There is a thing to give, and this uses it for the name of the express train running through Tokyo and Osaka  until I was born though it can hang in Japanese with "101M Rokko No.1 (Rokko-1Go)". As for saying this 101M, express Rokko issue is the thing of the train number which was actually being used at that time.