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Q1. Teach me your generation, sex, a residence country.
  sex : male . female     residence country

Q2. As for an impression of this page?     excellence  good   so so   bad
Q3. What did you know this page in?  

Q4. As for your Internet and the machine environment?
  Connection environment      kind       Access place

Q5. Check it if there is a liked corner. (More than one choice is available.)
   Photo salon   Rail video   Sound room   Materials   My trip   Japanese trains

Q6. It listens about the railway video.
   (1) Was a video seen?   Yes    No

   (2) As for the evaluation?   wonderful   satisfaction   so so   discontent

Q7. Is the layout of this page easy for you to see?
   easy    usually    hard

Q8. Have you ever taken a Japanese train?
   taken    not taken (though I went to Japan)    really want to take    don't want to take

Q9. Are you a railway fan?
     Yes     No  
    Yes is to proceed in the following item.
    No. finishes a question in this. Push a submit button.

Q10. As for the category which you apply to? (More than one choice is available.)
     photography in field    photography in station    ride side    sounde side
     in house only    abroad side    ticket collect    parts collect    goods collect
     pamphlet collect    model collect
     super maniac    maniac    mere fan
     railway worker    manufacturer    photogragher    writer    researcher
     *First of all it tried to classify it like this.

Q11. As for the kind of the vehicles which you like?  

Q12. As for your railway taste years?  

Q13. As for the railroad taste cost which you spend in one year? (An Internet fee is removed.)  

     Then, push the submit button of the bottom.